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Boijmans Agenda 2020

Planet Earth

  • Author(s):
    Alex de Vries
  • Year:
  • Language:
    dutch, english
  • Design:
    Tessa van der Waals
  • Size:
    19 x 22,5 cm
  • ISBN:
  • Edition:
    ringband / ring binder
€ 17,50

Artists have never been indifferent to the health of the planet and of humanity, even when exploring purely visual elements such as form, colour and style. Our view of the world, and thus also that of artists, has changed throughout the course of history. The overwhelming vastness of nature, against which man once stood meek and awestruck, has been transformed into a world that we control, but which we must also treat with respect. Using their imagination, artists have always given expression to how they see the world.

This seventy-second edition of the diary features fifty-four artworks that depict the artist’s relationship to our planet. Maria Roosen demonstrates that the earth is simultaneously immense and miniscule. Within her mirrored balls, which can easily fit in your hand, we can see the entire world. The series of photographs by Jeff Wall represents the hope and innocence of children who face the world without a care.
Vincent van Gogh’s row of poplar trees is both a specific place in Nuenen and an indefinable symphony of shades of yellow. Giovanni Battista Piranesi presents the world as a dazzling construction, Piet Ouborg as a means of experiencing silence, Claude Monet as a rustic idyll, and Franz Marc as a composition in form and colour, and so on.

The museum’s multifaceted collection contains numerous variations on this theme. In his etching of the Fall of Man, Rembrandt returns to the moment when mankind chose the wrong path. Olphaert den Otter views the earth from outer space, offering a new perspective on the position and significance of the planet within a larger context.

For artists, contemplating the earth is a way of determining their standpoint. They show us how they stand in relation to the world.


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