Han Nefkens, 10 Years of Patronage

Han Nefkens, 10 Years of Patronage

10 jaar mecenas

  • Author(s):
    Han Nefkens, Ingrid Harms, Onno Voitus van Hamme
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    24,5 x 22 cm
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Sharing is Han Nefkens's antidote to loneliness. He does it through his art projects, his initiatives for combatting HIV-AIDS and his writing. He made his debut in 1995 with the autobiographical novel Blood Brothers, followed by Twee lege stoelen (2006) and De gevlogen vogel (2008). In 2000 he began to collect art, which he placed in the H+F Collection, named after himself and his partner in life, Felipe. Since then he has been active as a collector and as an initiator of international art projects, almost always in collaboration with museums and other art institutions. The catalogue Han Nefkens, 10 Years of Patronage provides an overview of the diversity and abundance of the activities in which Nefkens is involved. It also contains an interview with Ingrid Harms and short texts written by Han Nefkens himself.

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