Netherlands - Bauhaus

Netherlands - Bauhaus

Pioneers of a new world

  • Author(s):
    Mienke Simon Thomas, Yvonne Brentjens (eds.)
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    Kummer & Herrman
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    21 x 27,5 cm
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€ 34,95

This book was published to accompany the eponymous exhibition at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, 9 February - 26 May 2019.

The Bauhaus, the revolutionary German art and design school, existed for only fourteen years and taught only 1400 students. Yet it has grown to be a household name all around the world and its influence is still tangible today. In this publication, twenty-one authors from the Netherlands and Germany focus on the close-knit network of intensive contacts that existed between the Bauhaus and the Netherlands. Dutch artists, architects and designers adopted ideas from the Bauhaus but also contributed to their conception. The essays cover the period from the years just prior to the establishment of the school in 1919 until the international travelling Bauhaus exhibition in 1968.

Authors: Mienke Simon Thomas, Christiane Heiser, Sjarel Ex, Herman van Bergeijk, Yvonne Brentjens, Magdalena Droste, Simone Divendal, Hanneke Oosterhof, Petra Timmer, Suzy Leemans and Jan Molema, Flip Bool and Frans Peterse, Dörte Nicolaisen, Frank van Lamoen, Marthe Kes, Caroline Boot, Jeroen van den Eijnde, Marcel Hummelink, Wijnand Galema, Esther Cleven.