Bas Jan Ader: Please don't leave me

Bas Jan Ader: Please don't leave me

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  • Author(s):
    Erik Beenker, Tacita Dean, Rein Wolfs e.a.
  • Year:
  • Language:
  • Design:
    Via Vermeulen, Rotterdam
  • Size:
    27 x 23 cm
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sold out

Bas Jan Ader (1942) disappeared without trace in 1975 while attempting a solo crossing of the Atlantic in a sailing boat. In less than ten years he had created some thirty-five works of art centering on falling, physical and emotional vulnerability and mortality. In recent years, his photos, films, installations and performances have achieved cult status. This lavishly illustrated publication provides an overview of his modest but influential body of work. With essays by Erik Beenker, Tacita Dean and Jörg Heiser.

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