Framing Sculpture - Anne Vegter

Framing Sculpture - Anne Vegter

Poem and dvd

  • Author(s):
    Anne Vegter
  • Year:
  • Language:
    dutch, english
  • Design:
    Rick Vermeulen, Marjolijn Verbist, Via Vermeulen
  • Size:
    14 x 16,4 cm
  • Pages:
  • ISBN:
€ 19,95

On 8 February 2014 Anne Vegter, the Netherlands National Poet, opened the exhibition 'Brancusi, Rosso, Man Ray - Framing Sculpture' with a poem written specially for the occasion.

This poem has now been translated into English and published together with images of the exhibition. The publication also comes with a DVD with a recording of Vegters recital of the poem.

This publication is in Dutch and English.